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Hello! I'm sure most of you only came here, not even KNOWING what Marines of UAC is, unless of course you check out the DWorld forums, just because there is an update on DoomWorld today about it(Thankee Cyb!). Just so you know: I have updated the features page, and many of the ones that were copied and pasted onto DoomWorld are ancient and outdated! So check it out again! 
But know this: MoUAC has plenty of flaws that stop it from being great... which is why, after many helpful suggestions, I've decided to make MoUAC version 1.1!!!!! That's right! Expect new weapons, enhanced weapons, effects, and enemies, and plenty of fixes. So if you liked MoUAC 1.0....... then you'll LOVE v1.1!
And if you didn't like v1.0, well then that's what v1.1 is for! I'm fixing stuff like the fact the weapons are extremely monotonous. So look out for v1.1!!!!
Oh yes, and never blame the French guy. I'm half french.


Marines of UAC... a MOD for DooM II and the sourceport, EDGE(  , v 1.27 only). Marines is set sometime in the near future, so you`ll be using modern weapons and gadgets. In MOUAC, you play the role of a marine who`s just been shipped off to the deimos moon base with no clue as to what the current mission is. That's the difference here with Marines- this isn't your second time around, and you have no idea whether hell even exists...yet.
The commander merely told you that it was a "top secret op". Very unwillingly you went along. When there, your Alfa-Zimms Proto2k was shot down over the surface by what seemed to be heavy caliber support rifles, as the bulletholes in both sides of the ship attested to. Thank god to the SAFETY1-RST buckle mechanics, exclusive to the Proto2k, you were safely rocketed to the ground. There, marines began to shoot at you with box over box of 5.56 clips. As the rest of your team dropped to the ground dead, you dropped to the ground for safety. You wonder why the  marines did this. Was there some sort of riot or mutiny on deimos? As you faked dead and the marines took all the weapons away from you and your buddies, you waited till they faced their back to you. reaching down your ankle, you found the leg holster with your backup .22. Six bullets. Justice was about to be made. And you damn well want to get a hold of those combat knives and M16s.

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